Stoneware Clay

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Stoneware Clay

  • Comes straight from the earth
  • Fires to a cream colour (oxidation)
  • Very plastic and workable - Ideal for throwing
  • 10% Shrinkage
  • Temperate range 1100 - 1250 Degrees C
  • The hotter it gets the deeper the colour

We produce two types of stoneware clay being:-

  • Unfiltered in 20kg bags - has a granular texture
  • Filtered clay in 15kg bags- has a smooth texture
  • Both are ideal for throwing and hand building
  • CLICK HERE for Safety Data Sheet on Stoneware Clay

COMMENT:  This clay like terracotta is a completely natural product.  It has been dug from the earth and is 100% South Australian.  It is ideal for making glazed ware and works best with stoneware glazes fired at stoneware temperature 1200+ Degrees C.